Vinyl Tackboard Specification

Vinyl covered tackboard substrate shall be industrial insulation board 1/2" by full height and shall be manufactured specifically as a substrate for vinyl covered wall panels.  The board shall be asphalt free, shall have an ironed on coating, and have a density of 16 pounds per cubic foot.  Edges are square without bevel (beveled available on request).  The vinyl coatings shall be made of virgin vinyl calendered base color, weighing a minimum of 15 oz. per lineal yard.  The coating shall be backed with sheeting of nonwoven fabric.  The vinyl wallcovering shall be mechanically laminated, with the long edges wrapped to the back of the tackboard.  The panels will be applied over 1/2" Gypsum board or 3/8" plywood sheeting.  The vinyl covered tackboard shall be a class II flame spread rating.

Reference brand: Chatfield-Clarke Co., Inc. (909) 823-4297 or comparable.

Care shall be taken in mounting the tackboard so that the texture of all panels will have the same orientation and color match.